Accidents are a part of everyday life in California. However, you often associate accidents on the road and not in the parking lot, but they do happen. Maybe you are suddenly rear ended from the back. In addition to your now totaled car which you will have to replace, you suffer from a severe whiplash back injury. What are you to do? The first thing to do is to get medical treatment and then hire a personal injury lawyer in Clovis.

Thinking about parking lot accidents isn’t nice. However, since both are a fact of life, almost everyone experiences them. This is especially true in California as any personal injury lawyer could tell you. They are especially dangerous and devastating for the pedestrians who are hit.

Reasons for parking lot accidents

Your personal injury lawyer will give you a multitude of reasons that explain why parking lot accidents occur. Some of the more common causes are:

● Being distracted while driving – this is one of the main and most common causes of parking lot accidents
● Driving in areas where lighting is poor
● Negotiating around sharp corners
● Driving on poorly paved roads
● Driving many miles over the official and stated speed limit
● Driving in unmarked spots and on unmarked lanes

The most devastating parking lot car accidents are those that involve pedestrians, as your personal injury lawyer knows all-too-well. Though pedestrians are hit by cars moving very slowly, they (pedestrians) still sustain substantial bodily injuries.

What you need to know when driving in a parking lot

Pedestrians always have the right of way in a parking lot and so do drivers. California’s law states that. The same applies for cars driving in a drive through lane. In this instance, other drivers and cars must yield to them and let them pass safely. Also know that the vehicle that is passing you has the right of way when you are exiting a parking lot – you will be held liable if you hit the other vehicle and the other driver sustains substantial property damages and bodily injuries!

You will always need to file a police report. This is even true of parking lot accidents. Many people think it is not necessary to report an accident in a parking lot, but it is the law in California. When the police arrive, request that they make a formal report. This can be used as valuable evidence in court. Just do one thing, never tell the police officer you were at fault for the accident. The officer will include that statement in the official report and it could count against you, especially if you are trying to get a monetary settlement out of the defendant.

Unfortunately, parking lot accidents happen. This is why you need to be vigilant when driving. You also need to drive defensively to minimize the risk of it happening. However, if you are the victim in a parking lot accident, hiring a good personal injury lawyer is crucial, if you want to win your lawsuit in court.