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Slip and Fall Accidents Lawyer in Clovis, Cathedral & Madera

Each year, many people in Clovis, Madera and Cathedral City are seriously injured in a slip, trip, or fall that takes place because of unsafe conditions on another person’s property.

In California, the Civil Code 1714(a) states liability for these injuries due to negligence, and provides for protection for those injured because of unsafe conditions on another person’s property. But, getting the compensation you need and deserve after a serious injury can be more difficult than you think.

At Braff Accident Law Firm, we have years of experience in dealing with personal injury cases, and are experts in slip and fall incidents. Our compassionate and experienced team can help to protect your rights, and ensure you are fully compensated if you’ve been injured in a slip, trip, or fall incident.

Slip and Fall Accidents

In California, there is a slightly increased risk of slip and fall incidents during the winter time as bad weather becomes a factor, but the truth is that serious slip and fall injuries take place throughout the year, for many different reasons. While many slips and trips result only in embarrassment, many others can result in broken bones, sprains, fractures, spinal cord injuries, and serious head injuries.

When a serious injury is sustained, it is very important that you act quickly to secure a personal injury lawyer who can help to put together your claim, get the financial support you need, and make sure you are not taken advantage of at a time when you are most vulnerable.

At Braff Accident Law Firm, we have successfully represented victims who have sustained serious slip and fall injuries as a result of improper maintenance, bad lighting, insufficient safety supports (such as handrails for stairways), and uneven walking surfaces. No matter how you sustained your injuries, you can rest assured that Braff Accident Law Firm can help. With a proven success in past claims, we have won our clients millions of dollars over the years.

Free Consultation for Slip and Fall Victims

At Braff Accident Law Firm, our years of experience have taught us how traumatic a serious injury can be. Whether you’ve sustained broken bones, spinal injuries, organ damage, a concussion, or a traumatic brain injury as the result of a slip and fall, you can rely on our legal team to provide you with the most compassionate and trustworthy care. Whether it is negotiating for an out of court settlement or representing your claim at a trial, we are experts and will work as needed.

If you, or someone that you love has been seriously injured in a slip and fall injury, awe recommend that you act quickly to begin filing your claim, gathering evidence, and moving to ensure you are financially protected. Contact our professional personal injury team today, and we’ll be happy to set up a free consultation to review your case, and answer all of your questions.