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How Much Will You Get In A Personal Injury Settlement Case?

If you were injured in an accident that was caused by another person’s careless actions, you filed a personal injury claim or lawsuit and hired a personal injury lawyer. This professional informed you of the following when you asked him or her how much money you could expect to receive in your personal injury settlement case.


Will The Insurance Company Pay For My Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you are ever involved in a personal injury accident, the first thing you will (probably) do is file a personal injury claim or lawsuit. You’ll need to hire a personal injury lawyer to do so. However, you may not be able to afford one. You may wonder if either your insurance company or the defendant’s insurance company will pay for your lawyer. Did you know that an insurance company funding your lawyer depends on if you are the plaintiff or defendant?


Do You Know How Your Injuries Will Affect Your Settlement?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you’ll get more money from a personal injury accident settlement if you broke your leg versus simply spraining your ankle. But do you know how your injuries will affect your final settlement amount? Probably not. Well, read this article to gain more insight into this.


Are You Allowed To Fire Your Personal Injury Lawyer?

When it comes to relationships, there has to be an emotional connection and a spark if they are to work out. Since you enter into a professional and human relationship whenever you hire a personal injury lawyer, the same concept applies. There are times when the relationship just doesn’t work out. In this instance, you may be wondering if you can fire your personal injury lawyer. Well, read this article to find out what the answer is.


Will Insurance Pay If You Get Bitten By A Dog?

A personal injury lawyer will tell you that you may be sued under your homeowner’s policy if your dog bites someone. Dog bites are rare, but personal injury lawyers know that they do happen. If this ever happens to you, you could end up paying hundreds (if not thousand) of dollars in out of pocket costs for the injured persons medical and other expenses. This will add up quickly. What can you do in this instance?