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Product Liability Lawyer in Clovis, Cathedral & Madera

In California, strict rules and regulations are in place regarding the safety of products that are put on sale for consumers. There are restrictions on how products must be designed, manufactured, labelled, and described. The California’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act outlines these regulations, and further than that, the government operates a series of product recalls and notices to help ensure people are protected when a product is unsafe.

In spite of these regulations and protections, instances of injuries as the result of defective products are on the rise in California – a side effect of more global manufacturers, and more choice. When unsafe products make it to the shelves and into the hands of consumers, the injured parties are entitled to full compensation for their injuries.

If you, or someone that you love has been seriously injured as the result of a product liability issue, you should know that personal injuries related to product liabilities are among the most difficult, complicated, and time consuming to settle. For this reason, it is crucial that any person who has been injured by a defective or mislabeled product act quickly to secure legal representation, to protect their financial futures and their claims.

Navigating a Product Liability Claim

When you’ve been injured because of a defective, mislabeled, or poorly packaged product, your first priority will be to seek medical treatment for your injuries, and ensure you are well-cared for. Once the immediate medical emergency has passed, you, or one of your loved ones should take steps to ensure the problematic product is reported to the government, to protect others from being injured in the same way.

From there, it is important that you take steps to document your interaction with the product, and your injuries in every way possible. If possible, find the receipt for the product, and retain any packaging, as well as every piece of the product that caused the serious injury. You’ll also want to keep record of your injuries, accessing your medical records and taking your own photos.

This may seem very overwhelming, but in truth, product liability cases only get more difficult from there. At Braff Accident Law Firm, personal injury cases are our specialty, and we have helped many people who have been wrongfully injured by a defective or mislabeled product to secure full compensation for their injuries. Our team’s years of experience in product liability cases will work to your benefit, and allow us to take over the stressful details involved in filing a claim, putting together evidence, and negotiating aggressively with oppositional insurance companies.

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If you or someone that you love has been seriously injured as the result of a defective product, you are entitled to full compensation for your injuries, bills and pain and suffering. Contact Braff Accident Law Firm today, and we will happily set up a free consultation to review your case, and how to proceed to get you the compensation that you need.