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Public Transit Accidents Lawyer in Clovis, Cathedral & Madera

Public transit has been a remarkable social innovation in California. In many cities, public transit provides a perfect low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative to travel that removes barriers, and allows people to access opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. Public transit systems have been an undeniable success in California, and the systems are remarkably safe. Unfortunately, though they are rare, public transit accidents do happen and when they do, the injuries incurred can be very serious.

Braff Accident Law Firm has worked with victims of public transit accidents for years to ensure that anyone who is harmed because of negligence, recklessness, or carelessness through a transit system is fully protected and compensated for their injuries. Our firm is the most experienced, most compassionate, and most successful firm in the area – and we negotiate aggressively on behalf of public transit accident victims in the Clovis, Madera and Cathedral City.

Public Transit Accidents and Personal Injury Claims

Public transit accidents and injuries can be some of the most difficult to negotiate and settle. With interacting systems, numerous vehicles, individual operators, properties to maintain, and safety standards that must be adhered to, there are many things that can lead to a public transit accident – and the causes may lead to a very complicated negotiation. To ensure that you are fully compensated for your injuries, it is important that you find an experienced lawyer who can help you to navigate these challenging circumstances.

Injuries sustained in public transit accidents can be very severe. Anyone who has sustained these injuries is entitled to full compensation for their lost wages (past, present and future), medical bills, cost of support, and compensation for your emotional pain and suffering. When you work with Braff Accident Law Firm, our team of experienced legal professionals will help to examine your accident from every angle, ensuring we are filing the most solid and reliable claim possible. When a public transit accident occurs, your claim may be with the operator of a vehicle, with the municipal government, with the manufacturer of a vehicle, or even with a vendor within the system. These complexities, on top of a serious injury, can be almost impossible to navigate without personal injury experience and support.

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The decision of who will represent your personal injury claim is one that will impact your financial future, and the rest of your life. At Braff Accident Law Firm, we recommend doing your research, and meeting with a number of different lawyers before making this choice. At our law firm, we know how difficult this time can be, and we offer every potential client an entirely free consultation so we can get to know one another, and tell you more about how we will tackle your case. Additionally after evaluating your case, we can judge the merits of representing the claim and give you an approximate amount to claim.