If you were injured in an accident that was caused by another person’s careless actions, you filed a personal injury claim or lawsuit and hired a personal injury lawyer. This professional informed you of the following when you asked him or her how much money you could expect to receive in your personal injury settlement case.

The compensation range in personal injury cases

Lawyers know that 30% of people who file personal injury claims or cases will not receive a penny from the defendant. The other 70% received an average of $52, 900 from the defendant. Personal injury lawyers in Clovis know that the range for personal injury settlement payouts is between $3,000 and $75,000. Some readers get much more money than that.

Just keep in mind, as your personal injury lawyer will likely tell you that people who suffered from more serious injuries received much more in payouts.

What factors influence the payout amount?

Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that most (96%) of settlements came from cases that were settled out of court. The reason why most cases never go to trial is because of the unpredictability of cases that do go to trial. Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that these factors will significantly influence the final settlement amount:

● Injuries – how severe your injuries are and the types of injuries you have sustained in your personal injury accident will play a large role in determining your final settlement amount. In general, more serious injuries have a higher settlement value.
● Insurance limits – if the defendant’s insurance company’s coverage limit is $100,000, the highest settlement amount you are going to get is $100,000.

Of course, you’ll get a higher settlement amount if you hire a lawyer and if you negotiate the initial settlement amount offered to you.

Legal representation in personal injury cases

You really need to hire a lawyer. Your personal injury lawyer will inform you that people who do receive an average settlement that is $60,000 higher than those who don’t. On average, people who hire a lawyer before filing a personal injury claim or case walk away with three times the settlement as those who don’t.

Hiring a lawyer will also dramatically increase your chances of even getting a settlement. Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that the statistics speak the truth. More than 90% of people who hire a personal injury lawyer will get a settlement versus the only 51% of people who choose to represent themselves.

Negotiating your settlement offer

You need to negotiate your initial settlement offer. Chances are you’ll end up dramatically increasing your final settlement amount. Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that people who negotiate receive a settlement that’s on average $30,700 higher.

Going to court

If you can, go to court. Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that your final settlement will be much higher when you win. You can get the best deal in a personal injury settlement provided you hire a good personal injury lawyer.