You know that car accident is rare. However, because ’Murphy’s Law’ occurs they do occur. This is the reason why you buy car insurance. Well, in the unlikely event that you are involved in a car accident, what can you do? Well, you can hire a personal injury lawyer.You can also do the following.

Are you familiar with your car insurance policy?

You may not be. After all, you’re probably more interested in knowing what your policy will cover and pay for after being involved in a car accident! You should know that your policy is mainly designed to protect you from negligent driving and negligent drivers. Keep in mind that insurance policies do cover and pay for reckless driving in some states. However, this is not the norm. Note that accidents resulting from drivers driving stolen cars and drivers who were breaking the law are never covered.

What do you know about uninsured/underinsured coverage?

If a driver with no or little insurance coverage hits you, you do have options. You can always file a claim with your own insurance company if your policy has an uninsured/underinsured rider.

Just remember that your accident may sometimes have to be more (in dollar values) than the coverage limits of the underinsured person’s insurance coverage for you to be eligible to file a claim with your own insurance company provided you have the underinsured coverage rider. A personal injury lawyer in Clovis will tell you this.

Coverage limits

Remember that you can’t file a claim for $100,000 if your policy has a $50,000 coverage limit. Your underinsured or uninsured coverage rider can’t be more than that of your general liability coverage in your overall car insurance policy.

Obtaining the other party’s insurance information

Your personal injury lawyer will tell you to:

● All drivers involved have to stop at the accident scene and exchange insurance information
● You can have the police force the other driver to do this if she or he is being uncooperative
● You can note the other driver’s license plate number and give it to the police in the event of a hit and run
● You can file a claim under the uninsured/uninsured section of your policy if you never find the other (at fault) driver.

You have many options if you are involved in a car accident. You would be able to reach out to your insurance provider, who will provide you with an application that allows you to apply for accident benefits. Your personal injury lawyer will help you through the complex formalities and confusing to comprehend.As explained above, you will receive compensation in a car accident. This is provided you hire a good personal injury lawyerand understand the information discussed in this article.