A personal injury lawyer will tell you that you may be sued under your homeowner’s policy if your dog bites someone. Dog bites are rare, but personal injury lawyers know that they do happen. If this ever happens to you, you could end up paying hundreds (if not thousand) of dollars in out of pocket costs for the injured persons medical and other expenses. This will add up quickly. What can you do in this instance?

Turn to your homeowner’s insurance policy

Personal injury lawyers in Cathedral City know that homeowner’s insurance policies usually cover for animal bites to other people. Exceptions are restricted or dangerous breeds. Homeowners insurance coverage limits tend to be in the $100k to $300k range. But it varies.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy will pay for all expenses related to the dog bite. This includes the costs of defending you in court. However, this will only be up to policy limits. You’ll pay for anything extra yourself. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to only entertain the first claim filed in relation to injuries and costs associated with a dog bite. You’ll be responsible for the rest. Note that your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover you even if your dog bites someone in a public place.

Other types of insurance

You can sometimes get coverage from another insurance policy if your dog bites someone. A good example is of your dog biting someone through the open window of your car. If you have animal or pet insurance, it will generally cover these bites. The same is true for dog owners renters insurance. Though note that you will generally be held responsible if this instance and not your landlord.

Dogs can get aggressive

Personal injury lawyers know all too well that dogs can get aggressive and bite people. However, they also know that their clients (like you) have options. Keep track of all the medical treatments you avail as this will also be key to your lawyer in filing a case for the accident claim. Any expenses you suffer from the accident or income that you lose on account of your injury which will not be covered by your insurance company needs to be documented, in order to prove your claim amount.

With all this information you have attained, your lawyer will be able to see you through the tough spot and gain compensation from the defending party. By following these steps and also by taking safety measures, you can ensure protection both before and after an accident. Consult with your personal injury lawyer for further suggestions and counsel.