Normally, a driver that has been hit by another vehicle can expect compensation from the other driver’s insurance company. But suppose that there is no such company. Suppose that the driver that caused the accident had no insurance. What could happen in that sort of situation?

Where could the hit driver look for compensation?

If the responsible driver had no insurance, then the hit driver would have to seek compensation from his or her own insurance company. If the hit motorist had purchased uninsured motorist insurance (UMI), then that added coverage should allow for reimbursement of any losses suffered, as a result of the 2-vehicle accident.

If the same driver had purchased collision coverage, then the money from that coverage could be used to pay for any needed repairs. It could not be used to pay for any treatment of injuries, or any diagnostic tests, in order to determine the severity of a given injury.

Added coverage that might apply in a different situation:

Some motorists buy underinsured motorist coverage. It offers the same level of coverage as an UMI policy, but one that applies to accidents caused by an underinsured driver. Most car owners buy collision coverage. It ensures the availability of money, if the insured car gets damaged in an accident. That money can be used to pay for repairs to the damaged vehicle. It cannot be used to pay for the treatment of any injuries.

How could a personal injury lawyer in Porterville be of help to someone that has a limited number of places in which to seek compensation, following a motor vehicle accident? A lawyer could study the situation and see if anyone else might bear a portion of responsibility for what happened. If the lawyer could identify such a person, then he or she could be asked to contact their insurance company, so that another source of funds might become available.

In addition, a hired injury lawyer could make sure that the driver’s own insurance company did not push the policy holder to accept an early settlement. Instead, that same injury lawyer should check to make sure that the hit vehicle was not carrying any passengers. If it had been carrying any passengers, then any of those might have been injured.

Each of those would deserve compensation for the injuries suffered. Such compensation should come from the insurance company of the driver that had paid for a policy. Suppose, though, that some passenger had a slow-to-appear injury. In that case, a lawyer’s assistance could prove useful. The lawyer could demand that the granting of settlement money get delayed until the injured passenger has reached a point of maximum medical improvement (MMI). That would allow for completion of settling.