It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you’ll get more money from a personal injury accident settlement if you broke your leg versus simply spraining your ankle. But do you know how your injuries will affect your final settlement amount? Probably not. Well, read this article to gain more insight into this.

What is the severity of your injuries?

All settlements are influences by the following factors:

● Were you even partially at fault?
● Did you hire a personal injury lawyer in Porterville?
● Did you try to negotiate more money for you after receiving the final settlement offer?

However, the severity of your injuries will play the largest and most important role in determining the amount of your final settlement. Be as detailed and accurate as possible. The fate of your claim and/or lawsuit depends on this. Write down the events in chronological and sequential order when possible.

Physical injuries

If you have a long list of severe physical injuries, you are almost guaranteed to receive a huge settlement. Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that the same is not necessarily true if you have a few minor injuries that don’t need a doctor’s attention. In general, you’ll receive a higher payout if you have sustained a permanent disability from your personal injury accident.

Most people who are involved in a personal injury accident suffer from injuries to their neck and back. They don’t get as high a settlement as those who suffered extensive neurological damage and are unable to think correctly as a result.

Nonphysical injuries

If you suffer from intangible injuries like emotional distress, pain and suffering, and depression (among other things) expect your final settlement amount to be much higher than it would be if you had simply suffered from physical injuries. Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that the reason why is because you can easily and quickly recover from most physical injuries. The same is not true for intangible injuries. Furthermore, the latter type of injuries can substantially and adversely affect your quality of life. You need to hire a personal injury lawyer will counsel you throughout the case or claim to make sure that you receive the highest final settlement possible.

Compensation Eligibility:

The immediate dependents of the victim in a claim are the primary eligible claimants of the case. If parents, siblings, spouses, children or grandparents are entitled to claim for compensation based on the losses they suffered from the plaintiff’s injury. Compensation is never handed out to a victim without the filing of a claim in court by the victim or their personal injury lawyer.