Cigarette and cigar smoking are one of the leading reasons for respiratory ailments. However, many people still want to enjoy the experience. They have found a good alternative in vaping since they can get the flavors and experience, they crave without all of that harmful nicotine and those harmful chemicals. However, many people have gotten sick because of vaping. They have hired lawyers to help them file personal injury lawsuits.

What you need to know about vaping

The media touts vaping as the perfect alternative to smoking, however, vaping products do contain harmful chemicals which can make you very sick if you inhale them. Your personal injury lawyer in Cathedral City will tell you that. Another not so good aspect about the current vaping craze is that many people vape illegal and controlled substances like marijuana. The hallucinatory and medical side effects caused by these drugs are far more dangerous than any caused by vaping tobacco products.

Vaping can cause severe lung damage. Your lawyer will tell you that this is caused by inhaling the many harmful chemicals present in vaping smoke. The statistics say it all. There has been a total of five deaths and four hundred and fifty lung injuries from vaping in California alone in the past few years. While this may not sound like a lot, it is very serious because it indirectly shows the many dangers that vaping presents.

Hold the vaping manufacturer liable

Did you know that you can sue your vaping manufacturer, if you and your personal injury lawyer can build a personal injury lawsuit that convinces the judge and jury that vaping caused your lung and heart failure. You don’t even have to prove that the manufacturer was careless. If the company knowingly sold defective or harmful products to you and other consumers, it can be held liable in court.

What to do in the event of a wrongful death

If you know a family member who died prematurely from vaping, a personal injury lawyer can indeed sue the manufacturer for any damages you have incurred because of the wrongful death. A good example would be high medical and hospital bills. However, California places certain rules regarding who is eligible to sue in court. A good example would be the spouse of someone who dies from vaping. If the spouse had kids who were minors, he or she could definitely sue the manufacturer in court for damages and a settlement.

About vaping

Vaping manufacturers constantly pour out commercials on television, social media, and other media about the many benefits of vaping and how it’s a great alternative to smoking. If you are aware of vaping laws and you have suffered from vaping related injuries or wrongful death, your lawyer can definitely sue in court.