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What Do You Do If You Are Rear Ended In A Parking Lot?

Accidents are a part of everyday life in California. However, you often associate accidents on the road and not in the parking lot, but they do happen. Maybe you are suddenly rear ended from the back. In addition to your now totaled car which you will have to replace, you suffer from a severe whiplash back injury. What are you to do? The first thing to do is to get medical treatment and then hire a personal injury lawyer in Clovis.


How Much Money Can You Win For Your Personal Injury After An Accident?

Personal injuries happen all of the time, as any personal injury lawyer knows all too well. If you have ever sustained a personal injury in any situation, you likely want to seek compensation from the guilty party. You can easily do this if you seek the right legal counsel to help you craft a great lawsuit. However, you also must know how to calculate the value of your personal injury in dollars.


Can I File A Lawsuit If I Get Harmed Due To Vaping

Cigarette and cigar smoking are one of the leading reasons for respiratory ailments. However, many people still want to enjoy the experience. They have found a good alternative in vaping since they can get the flavors and experience, they crave without all of that harmful nicotine and those harmful chemicals. However, many people have gotten sick because of vaping. They have hired lawyers to help them file personal injury lawsuits.


What Can Happen If An Uninsured Driver Hits You?

Normally, a driver that has been hit by another vehicle can expect compensation from the other driver’s insurance company. But suppose that there is no such company. Suppose that the driver that caused the accident had no insurance. What could happen in that sort of situation?

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